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Getting your questions answered

Our support website is updated almost everyday and has lots of resources to help you get started with Kigo or to learn more advanced uses. Use the search bar above to see if your question hasn't been answered yet.

We do not provide support for any service not strictly related to Kigo and only provide support for our products. For example we can help you add the Google Analytics tracking code to your website but are not able to give you insights about how to use this product. You will need to consult their documentation for this.
Google is also a great source for these types of question and there is a good chance it has already been answered by someone out there.

Best practices when contacting support

Our support team operates primarily on a ticket based system. It also allows us to easily track your support requests so it's just generally easier for everyone.
If your site is down and you require immediate assistance please call us +34 512 702 101. We do our best to provide the fastest response possible. In order to ensure you are getting the help you need as quickly as possible please provide as much relevant information as possible including, but not limited to:

  • Agency name
  • Specific pages and functionalities that are causing errors
  • Full details of the issue
  • Steps to replicate the problem

Do not forward us emails. Forwarded emails are only useful placed in a context so please detail your issue if you need to do so.

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