Design and CSS for Kigo

The design and CSS documentation intends to explain the structural workings of Kigo and the methods of designing for Kigo.

Its primary target are front end developers that need to implement a design in a Kigo website and designers that need to learn the key parts of a Kigo website.
To understand this guide and undertake the tasks and best practices it describes, you must be thoroughly familiar with HTML and CSS.
Kigo Designers site
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    Belek Golf Travel

    hello ;

    we add more properties in our web site but we cant see on ALL HOUSES. 

    why can you help please 

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    Léa Biribin


    Normally properties are excluded so you have time to set all parameters for your property.
    Once the property is ready to be published go to Kigo » Websites » Choose the domain name » Choose the tab called "Properties display" and from here you can choose the order of the property. Once chosen it will be available on your website.

    Best Regards, 
    Kigo Support Team

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    Stay with Style

    Hi, I have a newsletter, sign up on my Home page. However it is not linking to my Mail Chimp account, how do I do this?

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