Google Analytics

The useful free service by Google allows to keeps tracks of the visits on the website, their geographic origin, language spoken, stay time on a page, etc.
For a single domain copy-paste the tracking code snippet to add it on every page of the website. They' will be all tracked.
If the website has sub-domains, follow the steps and copy-paste the whole code and add it in HTML inserts instead.


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    Feel at Home Barcelona

    Hi Markus,

    I would like to know if I'm configuring the sub-domain Analytics correctly:

    In my main domain I have checked "My account tracks multiple sub-domains" and in the field "Website domain"
    In my sub-domain related to the language I've also checked "My account tracks multiple sub-domains" and

    is it right? should I leave the www. or remove it?



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    Léa Biribin


    Both are correct - you can use the domain with, or without www
    Google sees all subdomains as individual sites. All data will be tracked under the same site by activating the tracking for multiple sub-domains.

    Best Regards, 
    Kigo Support Team

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