Email inquiry import with & (previously Holiday-Rentals)


1. Go to

2. Inform the Listing # of each of your properties advertised in Homeaway:


3. Copy your Kigo email address:


4. Log into your Homeaway account, click Edit on any of your Listed properties, then go to its Contacts tab.

5. In the field Inquiry Email Address, select the option "Use this unique email", and paste your Kigo email address:


WARNING: Do not change the email settings at the Homeaway account level.

6. click Save. It will update all the listings that are using using the same contact entry (contact labeled My contact in the example above).

7. Repeat the step above for all the different Contact labels that you may have specified for your listings.

NOTICE: it takes Homeaway several minutes before it starts sending inquiries to the newly specified email address.

8. To edit the related email notifications (they are active by default), please go to: and select  the sub-tab called Triggered by: Email inquiry import, where you will find a few default templates.

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