Casamundo Setup

Requirements :

  • Kigo agency account with a Channel Manager subscription
  • 50 or more properties are needed to connect to Casamundo

Synchronization setup:

  • Contact Cassamundo, either through the Directory or emailing Lina Orrego ( and outlining your connection request.
  • Once advertising rates and property volumes have been agreed-upon, your connection request will be accepted in the Directory, and Casamundo will appear in the My Partners section of your Kigo account.
  • Once this is in place, simply hit the Edit button on the right to define which properties you want to share with Casamundo and appear on their site.

Synchronization workflow:

  • Your property content (assuming that it is in English), photos, prices, and availability will all be synced with Casamundo.
  • Bookings received on Casamundo will populate your Kigo calendar.
  • Bookings made on your Kigo system will populate your Casamundo calendar.
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