Extra services

Note that in order for Extra services to appear in your account you need to have a Kigo website.

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    Feel at Home Barcelona


    Is there any way to know what services the customer has paid? I mean, we can only see the total amount for those services, but they don't appear separately.

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    Léa Biribin


    Currently only total amount is available. I will take your request to the Development Team.

    Best Regards, 

    Kigo Support Team


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    Keystay HolidayLets

    I would also like ability to add separate notification emails to 'extra services' providers to automatically notify them that their service has been booked. Would also be great if when a guest books a service you can ask additional information from them, like the date service is required/requested, time slot required, contact details if different. 



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    Raanana Luxury Apartments

    Is there anyway to add a virtual tour for each property?

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    Raanana Luxury Apartments

    I have a link to youtube and an embbeded code if possible to add of the virtual tour at the flat.
    pls advise how can I add it

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