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Everytime you log in, Calendars offers an overview of reservations.


Hold dates or Confirmed reservations made by you, are colored light or dark purple respectively. Hold dates or Confirmed reservations made by the owner or by any other rental agency are all colored light or dark orange respectively.


Two calendars views are possible:

1. Individual view with property details and its individual calendar


2. Grouped view for an overview of all the properties calendars. Notice you can view the calendars for a specific month, year or other time period.



Before creating a reservation you can look for availabilities by check-in/ check-out dates, number of bedrooms, maximum number of guests, etc.


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    Hello. I'm just start my system with Kigo. I'm copying the  blocked periods from my old calendar  to Kigo calendars. But for each one the system sends an automatic email to the owner. Well, those periods are all previously confirmed by the owners or blocked by themselves. And they don't want to be disturbed with so much unnecessary information, which they will need to check if it's a new reservation or not. Can you please advise how to temporarily disable those emails? Many thanks


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    Léa Biribin


    I suggest you log in as the owner and from here create the blocked dates.
    You may also modify the email templates (receiver of the email)
    Email templates are described here: https://support.kigo.net/entries/23594247-Email-Templates (https://support.kigo.net/entries/23594247-Email-Templates)

    Best Regards, 

    Kigo Support Team

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    Great, many thanks!

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    DolceVita Apartments srl

    hi! how can I see all the booking of a single guest?

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    Reynolds Propiedades

    Hola ... i cannot log in to kigosite
    Alec Mackinlay
    Reynolds Prop[iedades

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