User-defined Reservation Attributes

User-defined Reservation Attributes (UDRA) (User defined fields under any Reservations section) let you create custom fields usable in:

  • reservations
  • Email and PDF templates as variables
  • the inquiry form, to be filled-in by guests

To access them, click on any link under the Reservations section. Then in Inquiries for example, go to User-defined attributes in order to add new fields, in the same way as UDPA in properties.


Fields that can be created are:

  • Single line text, for short fields such as City
  • Multi-line text, for large fields such as addresses
  • Single choice, e.g. Baby cot: Yes/No
  • Multiple choices, e.g. Services: Champagne, Flowers, Chauffeur, etc.

In our example we'll add the field "Guest address" as a multi-line text.

Now edit the inquiry form by going to Websites then Main pages. The newly created field is available in the "Add new field" dropdown.


We also added a single-choice field for guests who want a driver from the airport. After adding it to inquiry form, its label ("Driver from airport") and values ("Yes", "No") are editable. Useful to have a different name in the context of using it to manage reservations versus in the inquiry form, or to translate it into different language.


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